As your County Commissioner and Chair of the Florida Association of Counties COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee, I have been on the front lines working to ensure our community recovers from this pandemic.

Our response efforts have focused on supporting families and businesses during this time, including:

  • Providing rental, eviction, and utility assistance to those who lost their job.
  • Ensuring we have adequate testing sites and PPE.
  • Providing a COVID-19 face mask to every household.
  • Offering meal assistance to seniors, children, and families in need through food distribution sites and a new pre-paid debit card program.
  • Providing millions of dollars in small business relief grants to support local business owners.

These efforts, along with our community following social distancing guidelines, have put us in position to begin a phased reopening.

Palm Beach County’s Reopening Plan is broken out into multiple phases, with input from health and medical professionals every step of the way. We are currently in Step 1 of Phase 2, which, among other changes, allows indoor entertainment venues to open at reduced capacity. After an evaluation period, we will then look at taking the next step in Phase 2. For more details on the step-by-step phased reopening plan, please visit: Incremental Phase 2 Reopening for Palm Beach County

This crisis has shed light on the many challenges still facing our community. Together, we will beat this pandemic.

I pledge to continue bringing leadership, vision, and decisive action to address the issues facing District 7 and Palm Beach County.