Which voice do you want to be? One that can be heard to evoke change, where you proceed on a path of equality, equity, and justice? That is my hope.

The senseless killing of an unarmed black man, the haunting words I-C-A-N’-T B-R-E-AT-H-E and the horror of witnessing his life passing – George Floyd should compel us all to take a stand against the evil that is racism.

In honoring Mr. Floyd, and the others who heartbreakingly died in the same abhorrent way, we must recommit ourselves to leading the changes that will make this country, this state, and our great county, Palm Beach County, a more inclusive, inviting, safe and secure place for everyone.

The grim reality for racial equity isn’t a transaction, but a necessity. I enjoin all of us, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, republicans, democrats, conservatives, and liberals to raise our voices as one community and turn the range of our emotions into encouraging collective actions and reforms.

Let’s not allow tragedies such as Mr. Floyd’s and others to discourage us; now is the time for each of us to ask ourselves what steps can we take today to make this right and ensure that this tragedy doesn’t continue to happen.

Mack Bernard
Palm Beach County Commissioner
District 7